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Business intelligenceEnterprise intelligence (BI) is an umbrella time period for the technology that permits data preparation, data mining, data administration, and information visualization. Business intelligence tools and processes permit end users to identify actionable information from raw information, facilitating information-driven choice-making inside organizations throughout numerous industries.

As enterprise intelligence helps corporate executives, managers, and different operational staff make better and extra knowledgeable choices, it’s crucial to the success of an organization. As well as reducing prices, enterprise intelligence additionally identifies new business alternatives and inefficient processes within firms.

Information warehaouse adalah pengumpulan information subjek yang berorientasi, terintegrasi, waktu yang bervarian, dan non-unstable untuk mendukung proses pengambilan keputusan. Setelah data di ekstrak, terintegrasi dan diperiksa kualitas datanya kemudian dimuat dalam suatu resipositori sentral atau yang disebut warehouse yang dikelola oleh satu atau lebih server. Data warehouse dirancang untuk mengenali setiap topik-topik yang menjadi perhatian utama yang menyangkut dengan bisnis sehingga para pengambil keputusan dapat menganalisis dengan mudah.

Each observation is a data point. The term information refers to a set of information that is useful. so as to kind a predictive narrative that allows better selections to be made. Stacks on all three levels are susceptible to errors, and as they rise within the stack, those errors compound.

In sum, Business Intelligence system contains the foundations (architecture) that outline tips on how to organize the parts of the system (infrastructure) to ship the data needed to thrive in a aggressive market (business) or to offer the best service to the individuals (authorities) (Poe et al.1998). Whatever the know-how, which are simply instruments, the core of a Enterprise Intelligence system has and will not change.

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