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Business intelligenceEnterprise intelligence menjelaskan tentang suatu konsep dan metode bagaimana untuk meningkatkan kualitas pengambilan keputusan bisnis berdasarkan sistem yang berbasiskan knowledge. Koleksi information mentah dapat diubah menjadi informasi dengan cara dianalisa dan disusun berdasarkan hubungan antara information dengan mengetahui data apa yang ingin dikumpulkan dan di dalam konteks apa yang diinginkan.

BI instruments are generally used to trace affect of content material and campaigns throughout varied viewers segments. Organizations use this data to know the effect of promoting on enterprise efficiency. Marketers additionally benefit from the ability of BI tools to help with monitoring customer preferences, customer lifetime value, and profitability.

Collaborative BI That is extra of a process than a particular expertise. It includes the mix of BI purposes and collaboration tools to allow different customers to work together on data evaluation and share info with one another. For instance, customers can annotate BI information and analytics results with comments, questions and highlighting through using online chat and discussion instruments.

Given these capabilities of the BI system the most enduring definition focuses on the system, tools, expertise, process, and strategies that compose these 4 elements that help determination makers understand their world. BI augments the ability of decision makers to show data into information by aiding in extracting data from information sources, organizing the data based on established enterprise data and then presenting the knowledge in a manner that is organized in a technique to be helpful to the choice maker. It merges expertise with knowledge with a view to provide useful info to management as rapidly as potential.

Many of those information types, however, like e-mails, phrase processing text files, PDFs, PPTs, picture-files, and video-files conform to an ordinary that offers the opportunity of metadata. Metadata can embody data comparable to creator and time of creation, and this may be stored in a relational database. Subsequently, it may be extra accurate to speak about this as semi-structured documents or data, 18 but no particular consensus appears to have been reached.

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